Jaipur, Rajasthan


Pink is sexy. After finally witnessing Taj’s immortal love, I thought that was it, the India’s finest! But after a 4-hour drive,  I was brought to a lovely place, lovelier than Agra. The whole city, both old and new was painted with pink, mixed with bright colors of Indian clothing and spices. Arriving after sunset was intimidating, looking at their huge business buildings, hotels, and those spot lights that shone the palaces and forts in the hill like expensive jewelries. The pink city was even more inviting to see, regal and captivating.

The feeling was crazy when approaching Amber Fort, like a mirrored image, properly framed to the lake’s tranquility. Ecstasy hit me going up the fort through an elephant ride. It was a travel-machine-ride back to ancient days, when cities and architectures were the greatest. I envy those residents in the Fort who live in a breathtaking walled city surrounded by a beautiful wonder of nature – almost like a fictional flying city just below the clouds.

We visited the local pink market and bought some overpriced stuff. I was fooled by a vendor who sold me an overpriced ‘Aladdin’ hat and$45 Indian long sleeves, but all were of cheap quality. But I am truly proud, that I tried the unbeatable Indian street food. Jaipur’s street food was delicious, except for golgappa. It’s a tasty crispy finger food, to be filled with sauce inside, but the vendor soaked the golgappa with his raw hand in a bowl of dipping sauce, and stirred it, while he and some bystanders warned us not to eat more, otherwise we would end up days sleeping in toilets.

Jaipur is an enticing discovery in India. People with beautiful smiles walking, even sleeping on the streets behind and upfront the beautiful pink walls; the pink city is unbelievably beautiful in the day. They have camels; they have the Raj Palace Hotel, the second most expensive hotel suites in the world; they have lakes, beautiful and clean lakes, and they have a sunken palace and a Great Wall too like the one in China.

I might hit Quiapo and grab Judi Dench’s ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.’ The film was shot in Jaipur.

177000_4233652471831_576643010_o The famous Hawa Mahal built in 1779

 54358_4233682592584_336922709_o Elephant driver’s tip = 100 Rupee135292_4235012625834_31190555_o Cobra flutter463642_4233660432030_1899416884_o Local residences outside the Amber Fort463768_4233714473381_2048467346_o 463769_4235003785613_348142248_o 463818_4233657951968_1762709270_o 478050_4235039106496_653367764_o Puppet show called Kathputali616463_4233657231950_1286779471_o 622023_4233665592159_1207355937_o 622056_4235001785563_424077252_o Downtown pink Jaipur680391_4233688792739_69649270_o 680524_4233678472481_500844677_o 703741_4235056666935_954297749_o  A nice bar with great music, after a loooong walk


Everywhere in Jaipur is pink. The whole city was painted pink since 1853.

704733_4235057426954_2114396534_o 704711_4235033066345_654010886_o 704691_4233658391979_926974540_o 478106_4234999545507_639549311_o

We went to the world famous Channi Carpet. When they learned we were from the Philippines, they showed us a receipt of Gregorio Araneta III’s order in 2004 when he visited Jaipur. Two vendors talked to me in Spanish, because they thought Filipinos are Latinos. LOL


Jaipur is composed of pink buildings, pink walls after pink walls and pink gates.

705241_4235018305976_1068285189_o 705212_4233840356528_952180508_o 704917_4233666872191_1562218552_o 704377_4235041426554_1431138253_o 704233_4234986345177_87783592_o 704036_4235020746037_1304349514_o 703883_4233670592284_1840344970_o

703582_4234996825439_303459021_o 679818_4233742834090_1143044820_o Not from afar is part of the Great Wall of Jaipur622116_4233705033145_178025246_o 465694_4233726993694_1564120409_o 463892_4233676072421_1651536328_o 463787_4234987145197_967469540_o 463703_4233842836590_652660971_o 705116_4234990625284_676349702_o Jaj Mahal or water palace built in 1799680519_4234987705211_923454601_o That’s me with my ‘Aladdin’ hat192459_4234989945267_734937495_o Can you see the Great Wall of Jaipur?


15 thoughts on “Jaipur, Rajasthan

  1. Hi ! I was in Jaipur in 2004, yes, that was a long time ago 🙂 and i did not have a good camera then. I am so happy when I saw your post about Rajasthan.I love the pictures, it’s amazing! You captured it well in your photographs.


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