Paris is like Audrey Hepburn, classic.

My friend Anne and I thought of getting sober on board so we’d speak French the time we get to the Paris airport. Funny we ended up sleeping; it’s a human error to forget that Saudi Airlines never serve alcohol. It was a funny experience for me realizing how complicated Paris subway lines, but thanks to my friend who had been to Paris twice, yet she still finds it seriously confusing.

Like in NYC, singers of all genres and nationalities who really can sing well were all over the place. But my focus was to the unknown voice that would always announce differently names of the stations.

So this is Paris! Where people speak French, French, French and French! But the inclusion of Japanese, English and Arabic languages in subway stations makes Paris a multicultural city, although I encountered a few people who smirked and rolled their eyes when I ordered food in English.

Paris is the best example of a place where people’s hospitality or the lack of it doesn’t matter. A stare at the lovers kissing in the cobblestone streets; the canals in between lovely ancient Parisian buildings; the cafes, galleries, bookshops and the well-dressed gorgeous ladies with berets; the hippie-looking artists selling their own masterpiece on the streets; the inviting Audrey Hepburn merchandise; the gloomy yellow spotlights and street lights that makes Paris elegant at night – Paris has the ability to hypnotize people.


DSC_0177_1 Me and my friend started the first  hour roaming around subway stations until we finally found the right way to Paris Disneyland!

DSC_0186_1 I forgot to act as the hunchback guy. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is really breathtaking. This photo does not give justice.







DSC_0209_1 The world-famous Louvre



DSC_0221 That’s the way to the subway station


DSC_0228 The regal Arc de Triomphe. The gateway to the elegant Champs-Elysees, a street from the most expensive luxury shops and cafes in the world.



1530411_10201666342032602_2025598210_n The Eiffel Tower glitters like a giant gold and shines like a giant diamond. The Tower that night was jam-packed with happy people who once upon a time dreamt of seeing this magnificent tower. Too bad my camera runs out of battery after a long day of being hypnotized.


18 thoughts on “Paris

  1. So I hit the search button on your blog after I typed “Japan”… Eh, sa Paris, France napunta. Ikaw na! 🙂 Really enjoy reading your posts. Pwedeng mag-request ng Tokyo? 🙂


  2. Ang saya saya mag-travel. Pero kung talagang magaling mag-hanap ng budget fares online, posible makita ang mundo nang hindi masyadong mabigat sa bulsa. Thanks for the like!


      1. Oo nga. Tama couchsurfing hehe. Kaka-sulat ko lang din ng How To ngayon, pagkakita ko ng comment dito. Pero basically, tsaga lang talaga sa paghahanap. 🙂


  3. I hate this post so much. I can’t even go around the Philippines! Haha. But seriously now, how do you plan your trips? You should write about it. Things like how to look for cheap deals (if they exist), how much would a trip to country X cost without sacrificing comfort and enjoyment of one’s stay, etc. I’d be glad to read that and perhaps many others. (:


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