Washington, D.C.


Nooo! When I received my acceptance letter doing my paid internship in Herndon, DCs suburb. I got another paid internship in Chicago, but I chose Herndon, because – one, proximity to Washington, DC; two, two of my closest classmates Yeni and Ata were also attending the same internship, so we did smell parties, right away; three, free stay in a Holiday Inn for 16 weeks.

Washington DC, a cradle of decent people. They just looked different; they have this distinct good look, distinct fashion and refine mannerism from the way they speak to the way they walk. Or just my imaginations, that I thought all people from DC were congressmen and diplomats. Probably, it was because I was so fresh from schooling.

My friends said that DC was the American version of Paris. True or False, I think DC was fabulous on its own. I enjoyed DC a lot, from clubbing, sight-seeing to bumming around Georgetown and playing “big booty big booty oh yeah big booty” for hours at the Washington monument.

Washington DC was romance. It was meant to be loved, a place created by a Greek gods and goddesses, only this time, it was not a myth. The glowing lights at night compliment the unimaginable natural beauty of the city – its wide and elegant roads, alluring historical buildings, creative monuments, chic neighbourhood, feel-good environment and beautiful people. Washington DC, the capital that glows day and night. #


We were bored and decided to have a pyramid pose.


We were playing the hilarious funny drinking game “big booty big booty oh yeah big booty”


The Washington Monument, everyone was waiting for one spectacular 4th of July fireworks




My beautiful co-interns posed for awhile before heading inside the US Congress


Lovely ladies smiling on their way to work


A day in the life of happy interns – crossing pedestals


The Herndon Mafia at the DC Union Station, as seen in movies


We were busy moving from one bar to another, time checked was 7pm


After party


Another party


The cheerleader from Duke meets the Pinoy hartrab. haha


The interns with our party-pose


I was looking stupid in front of the US Congress


At a bridge connecting Georgetown University and the George Washington University in Arlington, VA


In Georgetown


The busy Metro after 4th of July fireworks show




9 thoughts on “Washington, D.C.

  1. I like your humor. When it makes sense. Joke.

    Nice blog! I like that your descriptions are grounded to Pinoy sensibilities. Although I haven’t been to places you travelled, I can relate to it by your comparisons to Pinoy stuff like the dome as similar to Araneta Coliseum. Gets ko!

    From reading your blog, I think the photo of you pointing to the passing plane depicts you well…an enthusiastic lakwatsero. Cool!


  2. Just a minute now, I’m confused. You are an intern of what? Happy days or party time? This is all about good times, good times. Glad you are in the company of cool folks.


      1. Too funny, I understand the Good times. Whew, now that is out of the way, welcome to the blogging word. This place is a world of fun in a different kind. Happy blogging. Tata. 😆


      2. Takot ka ha? Make sure you join the Daily Prompt so that people will get to know your sense of humour if you are a new comer. We are actually very supportive in the community. Join DP, it’s fun.


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