Prague is a living poet.

I really didn’t know the specific places that I have seen, but there were no uninspiring spots in the city. The streets, corners, Gothic churches, old synagogues, baroque houses, lovely cafes, larger than life statues, huge and centuries old castles were somewhat like a verse, built with passion and with an imaginary image of a perfect poetry and lyrics.

I just walked around the new town after getting off from the train station. The new town doesn’t really like a new one, only that it probably not as old as the centuries old Prague across the Charles Bridge. The streets filled with structures were all a work of art. I really had to look to my left, on my right, on my back again, into all directions, because all corners were unbelievably old & very beautiful.

I thought I have seen enough, until I realized there’s an old city across the bridge. I have no words to express how unbelievably beautiful it was. Literally my jaw dropped the whole time I was wandering up and down the hill.

Then I was tired and hungry, and seeing a pancit canton, buko juice, safari in display, it’s definitely a Filipino store (the only Pinoy store in Prague). In just seconds after introducing myself in Tagalog, the salesgirl told me her funny life & love story, in Bisdak kaayo!

Enjoy the photos! But seriously, these photos are nothing compared to seeing the city in person. Prague is really really beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful!





DSC_0316_1 The Wenceslas Square where the National Museum is located (that overwhelming huge building at the back).









DSC_0357_1 The funny Filipino store keeper.

DSC_0355_1 Behind is the 1700s St Nicholas Church



DSC_0342_1 Dancing House is Prague’s most famous modern architecture.





DSC_0348_1 That’s me at one of the bridges that connects the old and new city.



17 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Hi kuya .. Its is good na nakapasyal ka na dito sa Prague , ako going 4 months na dito at naghahanda na para sa winter.. Czech kasi napangasawa ko.. Nung unang dating ko dito pinuntahan din namin mga famous na lugar dito sa Prague gaya ng Charles Bridge.. Ang pinaka nagustuhan ko is yung huge church sa Malostrnanska , tumatayo balahibo ko kapag nakikita ko yun , kasi nakaka amaze yung klase ng bato parang green na marmol , at napak taas .. At ang mga Tao dito napaka disiplinado , sa basura , sa pila etc .. At yung tindera sa Pnoy shop na meet ko na din sya he he.. Kaso wala naman rest .. Parang grocery lang .. Tyaka di lahat ng Filipino items andon.. Pero kung ako tatanungin mas gusto ko pa din sa Pinas , maraming bagay ako na mimis na wala dito :((( .. SALAMAT kuya sa pag share ng photos at blog mo . GOD bless you .


    1. Hha Hi Mayeth, I am glad to hear your story especially kay Ate. Did you tell her that you saw her photo before coming to her place? haha Must be amazing experience for you. Thank you sa pagbsita dito sa blog ko.


  2. Lucky you! Prague and also Budapest are two cities on my bucket list.

    Also lucky to find the only Pinoy place in Prague. Nothing like some comfort food when traveling.

    In Barcelona, we stumbled on a Pinoy place on a side street off the Rambla and so of course we had lunch there. We did not find any Pinoy places in Madrid, Sevilla, or Granada, and we walked all over.

    Of course, in Spain, the three course, set price lunch “menu del dia” which includes a glass of wine are the best deals and that’s what we usually had.


  3. ang galing naman po, i really can’t do yan mga travel mo … dito lang po ako sa pinas with my two girls… but i guess looking at your pics, will let me see the world… more travel po…


  4. tumpak ka dyan kuya, Prague is picture perfect in any corner of the city, Im an OFW in Riyadh KSA and we had a week-long holiday last week during end of Ramadan and i traveled to Prague then side trip sa Dresden Germany (another awe inspiring city, just 3 hours away by car from Prague). solo traveler din ako at like you work-ipon-travel-zerobalance-iponmoreformoretravel din ang systema sa buhay lol. sayang i never knew meron palang pinoy resto sa Prague kung alam ko lang dun sana ako lagi kain kase since i prefer rice than bread, no other choice but to dine at chinese resto located at the old town and wensceslas. share ko lang din dito, getting schengen visa at Czech Embassy here in Riyadh Saudi is very easy, copy of credit cards lang hingi nila as proof of funds, although they gave me very limited visa validity (just the exact days of my travel no more no less) but it’s good for a first time schengen visa applicant like me, although I already got US visa valid for 10yrs and previous Japan visa which they referred to. wish you more travel in the future…


  5. Hi there kuya, I still cannot fathom why you have to call yourself “pulubing tursita” if you’re travelling around the majestic world? there might be some untold story behind your username. haha and btw, i like your blog po. excellent photography! 🙂 –medyo inggit. ☺☺


  6. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing these wonderful sights 🙂 I feel like I have traveled the world with you. I cannot wait to travel and see them in person myself! Was very interested to hear that they sell Filipino food in Prague. I guess you can find good adobo or pancit anywhere in the world!


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