Newport, Rhode Island


Every time I hear Alicia Key’s ‘New York, New York,’ I am always reminded of my trip to Rhode Island (RI) with great friends, Ata, Lady and Yeni. The song sounded so great while we were on an hour road trip that we kept playing it continuously. Our angst, shouting unlikely voices and artist-wannabe moves seemed perfectly rhymed with New England’s scenic byways – autumn’s golden leaves, snaky roads and mists.

We came to RI because we wanted to have lunch somewhere else, at least an hour drive away from Connecticut. We were bored and wanted to shout and jump like Britney and Will. I. Am. Autumn should not be wasted with readings, internet surfing, and the usual Chinese restaurant for brunch. And we were right! When we saw long bridges, open seas, islets and lighthouses, those were signs of a dream place – Rhode Island. It is the home of the rich, and Brown University.

Our only stop was the famous Cliff Walk, which was the perfect place for us, we were craving for a salty air – we walked, jumped and yelled fronting the Atlantic Ocean. We walked from starting point to the end, which was a 5.6 kilometer scenic treat of the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Gilded Age Newport mansions, as seen in films. It took us 2 hours walking daydreaming before we hit the Newport bus, which toured us around and in between mansions and brought us back to the starting point.

There was nothing much to see in Newport except for the Cliff Walk, and an overly famous in Hollywood movies such as Amistad, True Lies, Me, Myself & Irene, 27 dresses, the 1974 Great Gatsby and other mainstream films. And nothing could beat a precious lunch with great friends who were bored, sitting together in a green grass looking over the breathtaking view of the Newport Bridge.

Caution: Below are “me & my friends” photos. LOL I miss them.

222340_1854688079208_1343621_n 25365_1341397247258_4274418_n 25365_1341397287259_4425747_n 25365_1341590052078_7050538_n Cliffwalk view – look at the mansions! AND look at my polo shirts from Jakarta Haha

25365_1341590012077_5106712_n 25365_1341590092079_7124102_n Jump attempt at the Atlantic Ocean

At25365_1341590932100_3888313_n DSCF6699 DSCF6722 DSCF6751 The Chinese Tea House of the Marble House – as seen in the movie 27 Dresses

DSCF6796 DSCF6797 Our lunchDSCF6812 The Newport Bridge


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