Mystic Town


I didn’t realize Mystic’s relatively popular.

Mystic became an international hit due to Julia Roberts’s movie “Mystic Pizza”, which was filmed at Mystic’s old-time favourite pizza parlour. But no thanks to Christopher Lao, because I was not informed, as well, of this Hollywood’s Did You Know.

When I returned to the Philippines, apparently a friend was eagerly excited upon hearing that I’d been to Mystic. My friend exclaimed, “OMG OMG! So did you go to see Julia Robert’s Mystic Pizza?” She lost me.

I’d been there with friends, twice. Yet, we never heard of the famous Mystic Pizza.

After receiving a huge slapped with the word I-G-N-O-R-A-N-T embossed to my right and left cheeks. I emotionally tried contemplating on the moral of this story, that I should check interesting places to see before jumping to see an interesting, unfamiliar place.

Honestly, with or without Julia Roberts’ movie, the Mystic town without a doubt is a promising destination for travelers and tourists who seek simple leisure, alive yet peaceful.

Mystic is a feel-good-town. The town reminiscent of the good-old-days of little American towns by the port. The century-old wooden built shops and houses by the river are still the same picturesque piece of art. The wonderfully crafted old fishing boats are still a pleasing beauty.

There are no mystics or abracadabras, but Mystic never gets old and weary. It is the same small old town – no malls, no gigantic modern buildings, still narrow streets, still friendly smiling locals. Perhaps, the only thing changed is the number of luxury cars parked in front of the local shops.

If there is a chance that you come across an old-town called Mystic, please take a photo of Mystic Pizza, I’d love to see. #

Mystic Village

Mystic River


Trying our luck to catch crabs for dinner haha



Mom with Horse


With colleagues/friends enjoying the shore


That’s me in a typical local shop in Mystic; I have a feeling that Mystic Pizza looks the same.


Me at the Mystic River Highway Bridge. The bridge is so cute that it lifts up to let small and medium-size boats go through. The view actually from this site, is breath-taking, like a lovely painting turned into life.


Elegant and pretty women



My jolly friends/colleagues

seaport from boat


16 thoughts on “Mystic Town

    1. This place is something else. It is now getting more interesting. Thank you for the info, eideard, if there is one place that I want to revisit, this place is on my list.


  1. Wow! What a life! I envy you. That’s exactly the life I dreamed of. Pero paano po nangyari na ang isang pulubi ay sa kung saan-saang lupalop na ng mundo nakarating? No doubt, I’m a little well off than a pulubi but it still is impossible for me to go even to Singapore due to financial constraints.

    I like your blog, the pics, and the life you lived. =) You must have the brilliance instead of a lot of money to be able to travel around the world!


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