Siem Reap


“Siem Reap like a diamond,
like a diamond in the sky”

That’s a knock-knock joke by the way. LOL

I started this entry with a corny joke, because Siem Reap was a memorable non-stop laugh trip all day all night with a crazy Japanese traveler Takuma, “Takuma! Takuma! Takuma!”

We were always greeted with “massage sir?” “tuktuk sir?” and “Sakana! Sakana! Sakana!” (Japanese term for a fish spa). The next day, Takuma bought a very interesting shirt that says, “No TukTuk, No Massage, No Money” and every time there was an offer,  Takuma would point to his shirt, and we rolled our eyes, died laughing.

We encountered annoying situations  in Tonle Sap Lake by some people who tried to ask more monies and even tricked us to go extra tour called a mangrove tour. There was nothing to see except mangroves, thrashes, mosquitoes and probably anacondas and crocodiles.

At the end of the 15 minutes or less tour, they asked us to give 30USD each for the kids at school. Our eyes rolled and we wanted to swim back to our tuktuk (pedicab). We declined and decided to buy notebooks and personally did the distribution to the kids nearby, which was fine.

We hoped that the floating classroom wasn’t fake. It was also heartbreaking to see the floating houses of people living in poverty and kids doing all tricks to impress every tourist in a boat.

We were annoyed a little, but we totally enjoyed the conversation with our drunk tour guide who has a fine British accent. He said he named her newborn baby Dyesebel because of Marian Rivera. He spoke Nihonggo and a few French. Khmer people were crazy about Marian Rivera and Dingdong. By the way, I saw comedienne K Brosas and had a photo with her while exploring the Angkor Wat compound.

The best thing to do in Siem Reap is to shop, eat, drink, spa and talk to locals at the Angkor Wat Night Market. The Night Market is one of the best that Siem Reap offer to visitors. It is like Malate at night, but more interesting and more intimate, more people, more things to see and to do with all sorts of interesting services and entertainment in a very affordable price, in US Dollars. It’s an ordinary streets at day but turned colorful and lively at night.

The Angkor Wat was like a gem that landed down from the sky. Our tuktuk driver drove us to the compound at 4.30 in the morning, I thought it was too early, but people were there earlier than 4.00. Tourists from all over the world with long and huge camera lenses lined up waiting for the picture-perfect sunrise at Angkor Wat. A misty fog covered it, and the temple turned rustic red the moment the sunrise hit the magnificent temple. Oh, I was really melting, the same feeling when I saw Taj Mahal in India.

The Angkor Wat was just one of the equally amazing temples in the 81-hectare compound. Inside the temple was even more beautiful centuries old wall carvings and amazing and beautiful stories of people from the old times. Inside the compound were even more detailed carvings and temples that unbelievably amazing.

A day is needed to get to see all temples and enjoy the nature. After too much jumping shot we had, my shorts ripped off. We decided to buy and wear the Angkor Wat pajamas that every tourist probably were wearing that day, but mine ripped off again, and we died laughing again.


JumpshotAngkorIMG_1989 My monkey jumpshot

angkorjumpshotIMG_1968 And Takuma’s the usual-Japanese jumpshot LOL



angkorinsideIMG_2039 The carvings


templeIMG_2072 I had a good nap









lakeIMG_2270 The floating church and school


shirtIMG_2316 No TukTuk No Massage No Money



tombraiderIMG_2239 The Tomb Raider

lakeIMG_2284 Tonle Sap Lake




MangrooveIMG_2645 We were thinking of anacondas and crocodiles

nightmarketIMG_2370 The Night Market



exoticfoodIMG_1932 Exotic crunchy street food


12 thoughts on “Siem Reap

  1. Wow! I’m getting even more excited for my Cambodia trip this year. Tanong ko lang, posible bang maka bike around sa Siem Reap. Like ok lang ba ang daan and stuff (para mas lalong dramatic ang pics ko tas pagyabang ko agad haha)?


    1. Hi beych. posible naman, madami akong nakitang nagba-bike. pero mas safe kung sa angkor wat compound ka lang mag bike kasi maganda talaga ang tanawin. if nasa downtown ka naman, mas magandang maglakad lalo na sa gabi.


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